AR Vocational Investment and Solutions – ARVIS is a non-profit organisation in Suceava, North East of Romania, which aims to support non-conventional and innovative education in VET, youth, adult and intergenerational fields to increase motivation for lifelong learning and increase adaptability of learners and to promote learning activities for all.

ARVIS offers training courses for youths, educational staff and adults training courses on different topics: personal development, effective communication, media education, outdoors education, early school leaving, adolescence, psychology in education, time management, ICT.

The main objectives of ARVIS are:

  • To encourage intercultural dialogue
  • To initiate local/European projects
  • To develop training courses for school staff and adult education professionals
  • To develop activities in VET, youth, adult and intergenerational projects
  • To offer consultancy in different fields of the educational area; media, outdoors education, ICT, ecotourism, business and management, psychology, English learning and teaching among many others
  • To initiate volunteering activities
  • To promote the image of Suceava City/ Bucovina region/ Romania in Europe

    ARVIS invests in education!             ARVIS connects you to Europe!