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About us

Our expertise

 ARVIS has a team of experts, associates and consultants who work in different branches of educational, cultural, volunteering fields:

 Project management

    • Vocational education
    • Youth, Adults and Seniors education
    • Art
    • Sciences
    • Psychology
    • Business and Management
    • ICT
    • Ecotourism
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Media
    • Foreign languages
    • Outdoors education
    • Volunteeringt


Diversified character of our team allows us to develop solutions in different educational areas wherever it is necessary and increase the motivation for the Lifelong Learning style, for fulfilling the accomplishment of personal goals both at a local and European level.


Some of our past experience:

 In-Service Training (Comenius, Grundtvig, Youth in Action) on different issues in which our members participated:

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Training Course for Youth and Adults run by our team














AR Vocational Investment and Solutions – ARVIS is a non-profit organisation in Suceava, North East of Romania. It was founded by partners from Romania and it aims to support non-conventional and innovative education in VET, adult and intergenerational fields to increase motivation for lifelong learning, to increase adaptability of learners and to promote learning activities for all. The main activities consist of implementation active and innovative methodologies in using ICT in education, in generating didactic tools able to facilitate the application of new technologies. The main objectives of ARVIS:

  • To encourage intercultural dialogue
  • To initiate local/European projects
  • To develop activities in VET, youth, adult and seniors education as well as intergenerational projects
  • To offer consultancy in different fields of the educational area; media, outdoors education, ICT, ecotourism, business and management, psychology, English learning and teaching among many others
  • To initiate volunteering activities
  • To promote the image of Suceava City/ Bucovina region/ Romania in Europe

    ARVIS invests in education!    ARVIS connects you to Europe!